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FEMA Approved Hotels

What is the advantage to a hotel or motel to become listed?
Listed properties can put up Federal government employees and host federally funded conferences. This should provide a significant incentive - to be eligible for a share of the Federal government's annual $25,000,000,000 travel expenditures. This business will not be available to non-listed properties.

How does a hotel get listed?
A hotel must apply for listing. There is no charge for listing. The fastest and easiest way to apply is to 
register online.

Who approves the hotel or motel?
In each State, the Governor has appointed an official to give or deny approval for a property requesting to be included in the Master List. Usually, this official is the state fire marshal or his designee. A list of State Project Officers is also available at the USFA Website. If approved by the State Project Officer, USFA will add the property to the Master List.

My hotel was built before the act was passed. Does it still have to comply with the act?
Yes. There is no provision in the Act to exempt existing structures from compliance (commonly called "Grandfathering").

(FEMA Website)

Wednesday November 22, 2017