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Hotels near Long Beach NY

The City of Long Beach 
City of Long Beach, New York. This website contains information for residents, visitors, and those who work in the City. We update this site daily and welcome suggestions. Feel free to email us at

The City of Long Beach operates with a council-manager form of government. It is the job of the City Manager, who is appointed by the City Council, to administer the daily operations of the City's government. The City Council also appoints a City Attorney who is responsible for advising the Council on legal issues affecting the City of Long Beach. 

Answers to Questions You May Have 

When are City Council Meetings?
Meetings are held on the first and third Tuesdays of each month at 7:00 pm in the 6th floor conference room. 

How do I get an item placed on the City Council Agenda?
Only the City Council members, City Manager, and Department Heads have the authority to place items on the City Council agenda. 

How do I receive copies of the Council agendas?
There are two ways to receive copies of City Council agendas: go to the council agenda page of the web site and download a copy. visit the City Clerk’s office on the third floor of City Hall. 

How can I address the Council concerning an agenda item?
After the item has been introduced, raise your hand and the Council President will call upon you. 

How do I express my concern for an item not on the agenda?
During the first meeting of the month, the Council will hold a Good and Welfare session after the regular meeting. Before the beginning of the Council meeting, fill out the form located on the podium. You will be allowed to speak during the Public Comment period. 

This is your opportunity to address the Council on any subject matter that is within the jurisdiction of the City Council and that does not appear as a regular agenda item. The City Council is not permitted (by law) to take any action on issues raised during the Public Comment period, but it may refer matters to the staff for response or official action at a future date. 

How do you get a copy of a City Ordinance? 
All City Ordinances are in the Municipal Code. The City of Long Beach Municipal Code is available online at: The online document is fully indexed and searchable. 

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Wednesday November 22, 2017